Devil's Postpile

Apparently, I am not the only litterer out there (don't judge).

While in California, I discovered the devil has a habit of tossing all his old columns out in the middle of the forest.
Lucky for us, because I thought it was pretty nifty when we came up to "The Devil's Postpile".

I am a sucker for photo ops involving just about anything but natural wonders are one of my favorite. 
How freaking amazing/befuddling/gorgeous/astounding is nature?
Who can look at anything in nature and deny there is a God?


Red Meadows Family Reunion

When Shawn first told me we were going to Red Meadows, Cali for a family reunion I was stoked. I have always wanted to go to the Red Wood forest.

Red Meadows = Red Woods
Seems like a logical conclusion right?


Apparently, Red Meadows is a campsite that Shawn's family has gone to for 3 generations, but it is nowhere near the Red Woods.

Not gonna lie, I was supremely disappointed... I already had images in my mind of driving my car through a massive red wood tree.

Shawn and I set out on a 5000 km road-trip caravanning with Rob, Chandra and their three lil boys stopping for the night in Twin Falls, ID... Who knew it was this pretty?

Well, turns out I wasn't all that disappointed once I got to Red Meadows...

The brains behind the whole shindig was this cool cat and his lil lady...
Grandpa Squires and Grandma Thon
Love them

Days were full of hikes, campfires, kids, food, and naps

Shawn proving to me that California trees are bigger than BC ones... 
Still not 100% convinced

Rainbow Falls
It lived up to its name with a legit rainbow shining through

Some complained about the hike coming back...

Gorgeous. Freezing but gorgeous.

Cousin hanging out with cousin... 

Proof Shawn thinks he's more massive than he is...

Exhibit A)
Shawn picked up a lil hiking stick along the way...

Exhibit B)
 Shawn right before his attempt to push down the tree... 
One guess whether he succeeded...

Okay maybe they aren't red woods but they ain't toothpicks..

Notice everyone thisclose to the fire??
Who knew it got so cold at night at California?

 Um, why didn't we get t-shirts?
I totally would have wanted a shirt.

 Love this guy... 

The three Squires siblings...
Shawn's grandfather and his brother are so alike in their mannerisms! 
So neat to see...

The Squires fam

Kyle Shad and James

One of my favourite stories was when everyone woke up, walked outside and saw paw prints all over Shawn's aunt's car... but I've seen paw prints before... The best was when we saw his nose print on the window where he was peering in to check out the car's contents...

Why does everything taste better on a campfire?

Shawn took up whittling
Got blisters
But on gloves to continue whittling
Ended up with a lovely Banana Boat
(he wasn't too happy with us comparing his canoe with a fruit)

Shawn, Kyle and Grandpa went fishing and
Shawn proved that he could go on Survivor and 
provide for the tribe... Woot woot

I still chose the pizza tho

Jenny had the cutest idea to bring everything so the kids could 
make cake pops...
Who knew cake pops and campfires went so well together?

Although this isn't everyone, people were coming and going all week, this is a good chunk of the people at the Squires Family Reunion and even though there was not any massive Red Woods, we had a fantastic time and are so thankful for all the hard work that Grandpa Squires put into this whole event...


Lazy Lazy Lazy Me

I should have at least 4-6 more postings up since my last one.

It's not like I have a shortage of topics to write about, and I plan on getting to each one...

But I am feeling lazy...

I blame our 10 day vacation. It was so wonderful and so without connection to the outside world. No phones, no internet and only one stolen movie experience on an iPad with Shawn and I on the pullout couch with 3 people hovering over our shoulder (we were a lil desperate for a movie).

Add that to a 7-shift stretch, one day off then back to work and I am just too lazy to spin words and pictures into stories...

But I am sure eventually my laziness will wear off and I will feel that desire to blog... But not now...