Babe or Indigestion

So everyone says I should be feeling the lil guy moving around.

I think I do..

Or it could be just random digestion.

Meh... Once I get a good swift kick in my bladder I think I will know.


Budget time...

Yesterday Shawn and I sat down to attempt to do a budget.
Going from two income to one income hurts, and even though his schooling is only 9 weeks, after that it's only a matter of a couple months before I am off for maternity leave for a year so we best be used to living on one income.

My idea of budgeting is figuring what I want to do/how much I need and then working enough to afford it. Apparently, Shawn says that's not budgeting at all... Whoops.
So we sat down and did it the proper way. When it came to our extra spending we went through our purchases on our online banking page and found that we really don't spend that much other than on home renovations, gas/diesel, groceries.... and 7-11 stops/Edo stops. 
So we cut the last one completely, and another by a bit and then we started planning.

By the end, we have a nice restrictive budget, I was finding it a lot harder to breathe (like I said, not used to budgeting this way... If I wanted more money, I would work more and then be able to afford more) and Shawn had decided that maybe he was right all along and perhaps we shouldn't have gone to Mexico, perhaps we should have saved the money instead. 

Try as I might I just can't agree with him.

As soon as I found out I was pregnant I decided we had to go on our late honeymoon before the baby comes. I thought it was quite practical really. We price compared and picked a 3.5 star on a last minute deal web-site. 

And we did have a fantastic time.
Who can regret this?

But my travel-happy self will have to be content with these memories because something tells me we won't be going on another trip for a loooooong time. I don't think I can convince Shawn that's its worth it.

Still don't regret spending the money tho... (maybe it's a sickness)


Pregnancy Dreams...

Ever since I got pregnant I have been bombarded with crazy dreams.


-People I haven't thought about in years(!) are showing up in random nights.
-Things that are better fitted in sci-fi movies are regular showees.
-But my favorite has been popping every month or so...

I am pregnant in my dreams and I get a lil curious/worried/interested in how the baby is doing so I unzip my stomach and pull out the baby and I show him off to Shawn;

a) the first time I unzipped myself and checked out the baby and realized it had ten toes but twelve fingers that were fully functioning... I wasn't too upset...
b) the second time I unzipped I made sure the baby was doing okay, and when I was sure that it was I gently put him back inside but not before putting back on his teeny, tiny nasal prongs for his oxygen... 
c) last night was the third dream I remember and this time when I unzipped my stomach, now that we know it's a boy I guess my dream knew too, cause when I pulled him out he was fully dressed in a blue onesie outfit. 

And the weirdest thing is that in my dreams... This all seems normal to be pulling out my fully-dressed baby and then putting back on his oxygen prongs and then zipping him back in for the rest of the pregnancy.
Yep my stomach has oxygen capabilities...

For fun I googled it on the internet, and apparently I am not the only who has had the same unzipping dreams. Who knew?


Four Months and Then Some...

In two days I will be 20 weeks pregnant... Almost half-way there! 

This whole thing has been kind of surreal. I have been extremely lucky during my pregnancy thus far. The only thing that tipped me that I am actually pregnant is occasional headaches and EXTREME fatigue in the first trimester and the blessing of no period for the last 4 months... Love that.

But then we went for our ultrasound two days ago. I felt almost sick as I drove to meet Shawn for our appointment. All I wanted was to hear that the baby was normal and healthy and everything was okay...

And then I saw the baby move and kick and squirm and it hit me that that was all happening inside me. I tried to close my eyes and see if I could feel what Shawn and I were seeing on the screen but nada... but now I know that the lil guy is moving inside me and before long I will be feeling him squirm and kick.

We had our doctor's appointment today, found out that I've gained 8 lbs so far and then we heard the words that every will-be-parents want to hear, "Everything is normal".  Such a relief, and then he said...

"It's a boy!" Maybe Shawn is right after all, maybe Bevans boys only produce more Bevans boys...

He's little, but he's in there!!!


When Shawn and I got married, I was dead set on waiting years to have a baby.
But things changed and Shawn and I decided to go off birth control in late August thinking it would take 6 months or so to get pregnant.

It took 2 weeks.

I was down in Portland, visiting my sister Tamara with Chelsey, when I bought a pregnancy test due to paranoia. It had only been 3 weeks since my last period so I wasn't thinking I was ACTUALLY pregnant, I was just being paranoid. So when the lil stick came back as "pregnant", I swear the world started spinning madly. I was able to keep the secret for about, oh, an hour before I burst into tears. 

The next 24 hrs I had a mini-meltdown. 
"I'm not ready"
"What did we DO?"
"Maybe it's wrong" (I seriously considered having my non-married sister pee on the stick as a comparison.. maybe the test was defective)
"How on earth is the contraceptive out of my system already??? It's GOTTA be wrong"
"We can't have a kid... We don't have a plan.. at all!"
"We haven't even gone on a honeymoon yet!"
"What did we DO?"

Tamara talked me down from the ledge and reminded me that nine months is a looong time...
Then I came home and told Shawn and he has been nothing but ecstatic about the pending arrival of Baby Bevans... 

And you know what? After a week or two, I was used to the fact that I was pregnant and by the end of the first month I found myself actually excited...

...to meet this lil guy
No, I'm not carrying a Mermaid baby,
apparantly they can't take a full picture of the baby
so they take photos of snippets of the baby...
How cute is he????

3C Christmas Syle

This is a little late but....
When I came to work one day around Christmas I saw a Christmas tree had been put up.
But this isn't any regular christmas tree, this was decorated nurse-style...

Who needs ribbons, bows and regular ornaments when you have saline bags, gauze,  tape, saline packs, and a gorgeous urine hat for a tree topper?