Oh, how excited was I, a few years back, when they announced that there was to be a Calgary temple built? Super excited.

Now fast forward to this year and the temple is finished! From the end of September to last week the temple had an open house for anybody and everybody of any faith, age, race, etc to be able to walk through the building and see just what an amazing place it is. Shawn and I went up on a Saturday to go to this beautiful building and I just loved it! I have only been through one other temple so I was so excited to see this one. The theme of this temple was wheat, to represent the land around it, and it was so gorgeous inside and out. We were pleased to see a lot of non-members in the tours (I think we have Mitt Romney to thank for peaking curiosity among people lately) because this gives them a chance to see inside the temple and ask all the questions they may have.

There were loooong lines and lots of waiting but that's our fault for going on a saturday evening. But on the plus side, we got Olive Garden before hand, got cookies afterwards and got to see this beautiful building:

Um can someone get married in here ASAP so we can go visit this place again? Please?
Love these guys.

I know they say you aren't supposed to have favorites but I kind think this is my favorite. ;)


Oh How I Have Missed You...

Finally, after a 4.5 month wait and wait and wait my Macbook has finally been fixed and returned home.

There are so many reasons why I am so happy about this but my two main ones are for picture keeping and blog updating.

As nice as an iPad is there is something to be said about having a legit keyboard and an USB port. As well, I noticed that unfortunately you cannot upload pictures onto Blogger from an iPad and typing up a blog post is quite difficult.

Not gonna lie, my Macbook picked a pretty horrible time to die; right before Brock's arrival. I was pretty ticked, I must say, but I am just so happy to have her home that I forgive her for making me about 20 posts behind and now have have, literally, 1000 pictures to go through. 

Ahhh it's good for it to be home. Now, excuse me I have some blog posts to catch up on and pictures to sort.