Learning On The Job

Nobody can really prepare you for being a mom. They try, and I appreciate all the advice and tips, but some things you have to learn on the job. Being a mom is one of them.

Things I have learned since we have been blessed with such a perfect baby:

-Babies go through insane amount of diapers in the first bit. INSANE.
-Dinners being brought to you the first week post-baby are lifesavers.
-Episiotomies suck. Period. Not sure which pain was worse, childbirth or healing from the episiotomy.
-I love this lil man.
-There are so many types of soothers and so many differing opinions on when or even whether or not to give your kid a soother (we caved after 2 weeks and he still nurses fine)
-Nursing hurts- Brock is a trooper and does his best but man it hurt. I would have to spend 10 minutes each time talking myself into it before latching him. Thank goodness it's great now.
-White noise really helps calm a fussy baby.
-I can do surprisingly well on 5 hrs sleep: I don't mind waking up as long as he goes back to sleep after. It's when he won't go back to bed after nursing that I lose my marbles; it's only happened alot three nights and they were dark nights.
-I don't nap well during the day so the whole "sleep when he sleeps" is no help.
-Shawn naps really well anytime.
-There are soooo many reasons a baby can be crying.
-Babies grow sooo fast! How is Brock 12 lbs already?
-Shawn and I adjusted really well to having a baby.
-Muslin blankets are a MUST in summer.
-If you choose not to circumcise your baby, don't attempt to pull back the foreskin. It doesn't retract and won't for years. Who knew?
-Heat rash happens. And it's not whooping cough. (I say this because I was bawling one day thinking he had the onset of whooping cough. Lil paranoid. His 'fever' was from the heat and he got heat rash)
-Google is a mom`s best friend.
-Swings are a close second. LOVE my swing.
-Volunteering in an orphange was a bit help to me. After having 15 screaming and crying kids, having ONE screaming or crying kid is sooo much easier. Unless it`s the middle of the night and he won`t go back to bed. Marbles lost.
-Baby faces have sooo much expression.
-Buy clothes on kijiji. They grow so fast that it`s pointless to spend $15 on an outfit he will wear once.
-A bassinet is a must. Can`t imagine having him in a crib right away. Maybe the next one.
-Time goes by so fast.
-`Happiest Baby on the Block` is a great book.
-Nursing pillows: fantastic.
-Paranoia increases once your baby is born.
-Nothing better than having your baby fall asleep on your chest while laying down... Heaven.
-I absolutely, completely am so happy to be a mom and just love my lil family so much.
-Utilize your family and friends. Having someone come visit for two hours and hold Brock so I could shower or clean or just lay down and rest my back have been life-savers.
-New babies are extremely portable! If they have been fed, changed, etc. they are quite content to follow you whereever you wanna go.
-Everybody loves babies. If you wanna make friends from strangers. Have a baby.
-Breastfeeding burns A LOT of calories. Thanks for burning all my fudgicle calories!
-I am one of those moms that think their kid is the cutest, smartest, best, sweetest, etc baby ever (because he is) and will be taking thousands of photos to prove it.
See why I think Brock is the cutest thing ever

I still have A LOT to learn and am so thankful they start out so basic. But I think we are doing pretty good and honestly I am just so smitten with Brock that it makes it worth it to be perpetually sleep deprived. Love him. Love Shawn. Love my family and friends.

I am so blessed.


Brock's Baby Blessing

Despite some stress planning the blessing/ getting the families together and the threat of rain, Brock's baby blessing went so lovely. Having to juggle many different schedules we decided to hold it July 1st at 5 p.m, instead of at church, so we could accomodate the most people coming and we ended up having quite a few people over.

We were just thrilled to have so many friends and family make time in their busy lives to come. We had family come from Arizona, Washington, Oregon and B.C. and we were just so greatful and excited to see them all. The whole thing turned out near perfect and we couldn't have pulled it off without the help from the women on both sides of the family. Thanks to all our family and friends who ended up being able to make it!

The whole crew...
I love having a backyard that's plenty big enough to have a crew this big roam around.
We just loved having Shawn's family up and my family visit. Tamara, my sister, drove up
from Portland for less then 24 hrs just to be there!

Family shot!

The lil man of the hour!
What a gassy lil man he is too, Shawn said that the whole
time Brock was getting blessed he was letting out one toot
after another... Ha ha


Beautiful Baby Brock

First off, let me explain the lack of posts lately.
a) having a newborn
b) computer dying 3 days before Brock was born, can't upload pictures on an iPad and typing is much too much effort on one
c) family visits and vacations
If it was just one, maybe I could have soldiered on but all three combined are kinda the perfect storm to prevent blogging.

But my mum has lent me her computer for a bit so I am back and soooo behind!

Let's start with the fun stuff. When I was 40 weeks pregnant a co-worker forwarded me a casting call for newborns. Shauna McColl Photography was wanting newborns 10 days or less to be models and in return she would do a free photoshoot and luck had it that Brock was born in the perfect time frame and Brock got his first experience of a photo shoot (I already have family pictures booked for October). Shauna was sooooo amazing with Brock, you could just tell that she had extensive experience with babies and she just loooooves them. Brock was a lil turkey during the 4 hr shoot and decided that this was the four hours he would fight to stay awake despite sleeping the majority of other times but thanks to Shauna's patience and talent we got some adorable pictures!

One of my favs. So sweet and precious...
She tried to have him have both hands on his stomach but our lil boy likes
sleeping with his hand on his face and he wouldn't put it down.
After 40 minutes, she gave up and I love the result.

I just love this one! We found this old school Tonka truck at a garage sale
and I just loved the idea of this photo and luckily Shauna agreed and it
turned out sooooo awesome. LOVE.

I love this photo just because it shows his lil personality
when he wakes up he raises his arms up and stretches, every
time! It's adorable!
In the end, I just love them and can't wait to put some up on our walls!
We have a cute lil guy and what can I say? I am sooo in love with him and a lil obsessed with him and all his lil quirks.

And thanks so much Shauna!