Growing up we were only close to two of our cousins due to the rest of them living on the opposite side of the country. Because of that I have always wanted my kids to know their cousins, aunts and uncles. I just love how close Shawn was to all his extended family; they saw each other all the time. That's my dream.
I just love how we live only 3 blocks from Shawn's brother and sister-in-law and three awesome lil nephews. Maybe we can start a Taber Bevans clan/mafia/gang :)
Since on the Wyght side of cousins there are only two grandkids so far, Tamara and I are determined that our kids will be tight (and I am equally determined that Brock will know his Bevans cousins just as well) sooo we were so happy to have Tamara and Kash make the loooooong drive up to hang out.
Yep, Kash and Brock are already tight.
Love sisters!

Baby Shower Bliss

Fun lil story; Naomi and I met 4 years ago through married friends. We were the only single gals of the group so we hit up YSA activities and became friends. Then around two years ago I got married, and six months later Naomi did. Naomi moved to Taber with her husband and six months later so did we. Then I got pregnant and sure enough, 4 weeks later so did Naomi. So now we have lil Brock and Reid only 4 weeks (exactly) apart in age. So to be efficient, the ladies in our ward (at church) threw a baby shower for both of us together!
I thought it was so sweet of them just to offer to throw us a joint baby shower. We had only been in the ward for a few months and didn't really know many people that well yet but you would never know that by seeing the shower they threw and the women that showed up. Brock and I felt so special and so loved. Naomi and I were just blown away by the shower. Lonna and Janelle were the ladies who threw the shower and you could just see all the effort they put in the shower. I loved it!
"Shower Brock and Reid with gifts"
raindrops, clouds and umbrellas decorated the house
just a snippet of the guests who showed up.. it was an open house so ladies came and went throughout the night. It was so cute to see double of everything... Double decorations, double gifts. People were sooo sweet and kind and Naomi and I can't wait to dress Reid and Brock in their matching outfits.
There were actually three of us due within six weeks
Laura and Phoebe; Me and Brock; Naomi and Reid
Baby Party!
Originally I didn't want any baby shower (long story) but man am I glad we had a double one; it was soo pretty and so fun. Yep we do love our ward!


My Days

This is what my days look like lately....
and of course a lil poop or a lot of it...


Lucky Me

I am slightly over-the-top in love with my lil guy.
He's pretty much perfect.
I really thought I would miss work, but SURPRISE I don't. At all. At all, at all.
And since we are getting biweekly lil cheques from the government E.I.(?) for me to stay at home with our lil Mr. Magoo, I still feel like I am contributing financially so I have zero guilt about me not working. Score!
Nine weeks into motherhood and I feel like I am completely settled in to the role. It's pretty ideal actually. I get all day to cuddle, snuggle, feed, burp, rock and bounce my lil baby boy and yes sometimes he is fussy and screams and cries for no apparant reason but I don't mind. I can't help but think how lucky I am and how short and special this time is.
In three weeks he'll officially be considered an "infant" and not the lil "newborn" he is now.
I think I might cry. Seeing him grow and develop is exciting and terrifying all at once. 

Some new things on the Brock front:
-He's really discovered his hands lately and he will just shove as much of them as he can into his mouth and just happily gnaw/such on them.
-He has officially transitioned from the thousands of small poops a day to the one MASSIVE blowout every other day; awesome for his lil bum that was raw from so  many poops before but not so awesome for his poor lil cute clothes that are just taking a poop beating now.
-He's starting to fall asleep by himself at night. I will wrap him in a tight lil bundle, give him his soother and lay him on our awesomely soft carpet in the living room and he will just look around for a bit before losing out to sleep.
-For some reason he has taken to blowing lil bubbles all the time. Straight. He is getting drooly too. He is waaaay too young to start teething so I don't know why he is doing that.
-He looooves his swing and so do I.
-He is babbling sooo much and smiling. And the occasional giggles. Melts my heart for sure...

Ooops the lil guy is waking up. Time for  more baby cuddles!



After going over our cell phone minutes two months in a row, Shawn and I were considering getting a home phone for the first time. Then Shaw called and offered a sweet home phone promotion deal and we went for it (I think the guy had been hearing alot of 'no's' because he was shocked and got really excited when I said yes).

I have had the phone for almost two weeks and although I have made calls on it, I had yet to hear the old-fashioned briiiing briiiiing. I say old-fashioned because this is one old phone, I got it for $2 from a second-hand store and it's legit from my childhood. This big ol' tan phone with no caller I.D. and it's definitely not cord-less so it's now a permanent fixture on our counter. But still no calls; perhaps the habit of calling my cell phone was too much for people. Until yesterday...

I was cleaning up the kitchen when I heard it, the first call on our home phone! I was so excited (don't ask me why) and as I went to get it I was wondering who it would be.... Tamara? Shawn? Maybe Chloe?????


First thing I heard when I picked up the phone was,
"Will you accept a collect call...."

"Weird", I was thinking. I haven't heard a collect call in YEARS, probably ten. With cell phones collect calls have kind of gone the way of the Dodo bird.

Then, it continued,
"..from an inmate from the Lethbridge Correctional Facility... phone call will be recorded... client/attorney privilege applies...."

Ummmmmm what?

So my first call is from an inmate? and I have to pay to speak with them? $2.80 for the first minute and $0.50 for each minute afterwards?! No thanks.

Not sure if it was a wrong number or if we got a recycled number that has ties to criminals who will be calling all the time.

This could be interesting.

P.S. I finally got my first non-criminal phone call this morning... I am quite loving this whole landline thing again but it's gonna take some used to using my landline and not my cell...