Oh the things that your walls can hide!!!

This is a good example of why you should always wash the walls in your newly-purchased house that was previously smoked in....

The picture above shouldn't have surprised me, after all I did see how clean they kept their house but the thing that surprises me is that that is AFTER we washed the walls the first time...

Yep... If you look at the next picture... The far left is after being washed with soap and water, looks decent right? Well, then we sprayed on the heavy duty "Tough Job" and on the right is what it exposed hidden in the walls!!!!!

Lots of thanks to my mum who helped me scrub everything down twice.... Now, on to painting!!!


Difference Between Shawn and I

Don't get me wrong. 
I like to work.
But I also like to rest, sleep, read, watch T.V. and especially eat
(trust me, I get grumpy if I don't eat)
Not like Shawn. He's a freaking machine.

Let's compare:

6 am- Get up
7 am- Go to work
4 pm- Get home from work
4:30 pm- Go out to Taber
5 pm- Paint 
(Yep, we are on to painting!!!)
7:30 pm- Supper break
8:10 pm- Wal-Mart break
9 pm- Home time!!

6 am- Wake up, start Valena's car 
(love him)
8:30 am- Go out to Taber to work on the house
(everything and anything)
7:30 pm- Eat pizza while tiling the shower
10 pm- Still out there working

Yep, my husband puts me to shame...
He can work like no other... I am a lucky girl because:
a) he works so hard
b) doesn't expect me to keep up

He has high hopes to be in the house in two weeks... Can't wait to post some pictures so you can see just how much he has done. It's amazing! He has skills... 
Working on the bathtub tiling

Almost done

How nice is this??? 


Admit It, You've Done It Too

I    LOVE pinterest.
It is one of those sites that I can spend hours on
and not feel so bad because
I could be preparing for dinner, babies, outfits, christmas presents, housecleaning tips...
Anything, really...
So really, I am studying life when I am on pinterest...
(that's how I justify it to myself anyway)

But there is another reason I love it...
Every now and then you come across a 'pin' that
  speaks 100% truth...

Today I found one...

I thought I was the only one.
Don't tell Shawn but I do this ALL the time... Especially now that the basement light is burnt out and I find myself needing to go down at LEAST twice a day... 
I would be good in a horror movie. I do the 'once-all-over' sweep with my iPhone flashlight and then a second 'make sure there is noone hiding in any nooks or crannies' sweep before grabbing what I need and booking it upstairs at top speed all while looking behind me just-in-case. When I reach the top step I know I'm safe, this time... 


The Good Thing About A Delayed Honeymoon...

When Shawn and I got married we were so busy with moving, school, work and other life things that we never got around to going on a honeymoon. But that's changing now. Due to future plans of ours we decided that December is the best time to go in the next near future so two days ago Shawn and I booked a our trip to the Mayan Riviera for December 11 - 18th. The best thing about a delayed honeymoon is that this counts as a honeymoon and our one year anniversary celebration.

I am ridiculously excited. Beaches, ocean, and tanning are all things I have missed ridiculously the last year and a half. But even more, I have a husband that is fluent in Spanish, loves everything Mexico and am so excited for him to see a different part of Mexico...  And if it happens to look like this

Then I am just even more excited....


Rural Nursing

As much as I love my job on 3C I hate winter driving. It's one of my completely irrational fears. I haven't even got into a big horrific accident before to explain the fear away... Scratch 'big' accident, I haven't gotten into any accidents at all in the winter but somehow between the ages of 20-23 the fear emerged and is quite persistent. 

BUT more than hating winter driving, I hate not working. My job provides so many things; social interaction, learning, helping others and money. Not working takes away all of those but mostly takes away the money in two ways because usually when I am not working, I inevitably spend money. Not working in the first 6 wks after we moved to Saskatoon killed me, I was so excited to get a job and start working I literally skipped to work. 

So what do I do when I hate driving on (inevitable) bad winter roads once we move to Taber but I hate being stuck inside all day during winter not working? Get a job at the Taber hospital! Now I can work half and half so I avoid 50% of potential panic attacks by not driving through snow storms and blowing snow, still be able to work full time AND now I get to learn so much more by starting out a rural nurse...


Pregnant ladies coming in to give birth and they expect me to be able to be their nurse. Let's just say I have no experience whatsoever in pregnancy and birthing. The semester you spend learning about it in second year of school and two births I "helped" with as a student just doesn't cut it. I am so over my head. But I am excited. I love 3C and plan to try and keep a position there while working casual in Taber... I have had two days of orientation so far and I think I am really gonna like it and will learn so much for rural nursing.  

I just have to get used to all their idiosyncrasies;
-Like having paperwork that is from 1970. Seriously.
-Or having MASSIVE rooms. I am so not used to having so much space in patients' rooms
-Or having no charge nurse and no assigned pt's. How do you decide who charts what???
-Or pulling up right to the hospital, parking for free and walking less than 5 m. to the doors
-Or having to mix up all my IV med bags and giving respiratory meds. I miss RT's and Pharm already
-Or getting an admission phone call from emerg... and the pt appearing 2 seconds later (as Emerg is literally behind door A)
-Or having to do ANYTHING women's health. A woman came in today to get induced and all I could think about was that there was a newborn in her stomach just waiting to get out, how much it was gonna hurt her and how much babies destroy women's bodies... Think I need to reorientate my thinking.