Things I Learned at a Halloween Party...

1. There are some super crafty people when it comes to making costumes

Robin Hood and Maid Marion (home-made)
Luna and Neville
complete with Mandrake, glasses and
radish earrings
A homemade Mandrake
2. Shawn is wicked awesome at bobbing for apples and not afraid to get a lil wet

3. All my "People" magazine reading has rubbed onto Shawn. When we played games when you had to explain to your teammates who a particular famous person, it was Shawn's turn and he not only did he know who Tim Burton was but he knew who his wife is... Impressive.

4. Shawn's and my taste in ties are not similar... When it came to our costumes, (me: a flapper girl, him: a hobo) I picked out a good "hobo" tie. When Shawn came to the party dressed up as his hobo his reaction was "She picked out my favorite tie to be the hobo tie!"      Whoops

5. Thanks to timbits, chocolate, sprinkles and pretzels you can make adorable acorns. Pinterest is such a fantastic site to find ideas for everything! These were so easy to make and so cute!

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  1. LOVE this post...the acorns turned out awesome:) Thanks for all your help, it was a blast!!