Oh How I Have Missed You...

Finally, after a 4.5 month wait and wait and wait my Macbook has finally been fixed and returned home.

There are so many reasons why I am so happy about this but my two main ones are for picture keeping and blog updating.

As nice as an iPad is there is something to be said about having a legit keyboard and an USB port. As well, I noticed that unfortunately you cannot upload pictures onto Blogger from an iPad and typing up a blog post is quite difficult.

Not gonna lie, my Macbook picked a pretty horrible time to die; right before Brock's arrival. I was pretty ticked, I must say, but I am just so happy to have her home that I forgive her for making me about 20 posts behind and now have have, literally, 1000 pictures to go through. 

Ahhh it's good for it to be home. Now, excuse me I have some blog posts to catch up on and pictures to sort. 


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