Giving the Neighborhood a Little Show

After a long day in Magrath at my parents' house, we finally arrived home exhausted, transferred a sleeping Brock to bed and I stripped down to hop in the shower... then Shawn saw that I had left the car door open. He was too busy to close it and I was, ahem, stripped down. 

"Aw, man! I don't want to put clothes on" (like I said I was tired, and I get lazy when tired) 

"So, don't. Just grab a towel." Shawn suggested.

I was skeptical, "That sounds like a bad idea, someone might see me"

"Noone will see you, it'll be so quick"

I was still skeptical but, like I mentioned, also feeling lazy so I opted for the towel. I wrapped it around me, ran outside on tiptoes to my car two meters away, slammed the door shut, turned around to run back in and heard a whistle. 

BUSTED. Probably some high school kid, I thought.

Then I heard a girl catcall, and I recognized the voice. I turned around, hoping I was wrong but sure enough...

BUSTED by my brother and sister-in-law. 

Chandra called me twenty minutes later and got a good laugh saying if Brock has a lil sibling in 9 months she will know when they were conceived. I tried to convince her I really was hopping in the shower. 

Let's just say I won't let my laziness convince me to listen to Shawn next time. Ha ha.

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  1. HAHAHA!!! Of course you got caught! So funny!!