31 Weeks!

31 weeks!
Only 9 more weeks!
I am loving being pregnant so far, I consider myself ridiculously lucky to be having such a fantastic pregnancy. 

Our lil guy is moving non-stop now and I love feeling his elbows, knees, heads, whatever poking out into my stomach and moving around and he only kicks my bladder every now and then.

I officially have no more church clothes that fit, all my dresses are a lil too short now (thanks belly) and my skirts, all three, don't fit anymore but thanks to generous friends and sisters I no have some super cute maxi dresses and a couple other adorable dresses. I am good to go till June now!

The reality of a baby coming in 9 weeks has not set in yet. At all.
Perhaps once when I go on maternity leave (May 13th! Four weeks early is supposedly recommended sooo that's what I am doing, I might go a lil stir crazy though) it will feel more real. We plan on moving into our house once I am on Mat Leave and then I will use the rest of my pregnancy getting the house and nursery ready.

Basically all I wear is my long sleeve shirts, jackets, jeans and boots...  I just rotate between three of each and BAM I have clothes for every day of the week... Variety is not my strong suit. 

We are super excited for this lil guy to come!


  1. Seriously! Just 9 weeks? Except for that bump, you don't look a tad bit pregnant. Gorgeous as always.

    Love the post on the trip to B.C. Poor Shawn. I dn't remember ever going to B.C. but once to pick apricots and it rained the whole time and I'm pretty sure I was the only one old enough to remember. Who knew the attractions there were so plentiful! I think the veg rolls sounds super yummy--don't need to be vegetarian to enjoy those!

  2. I can't believe you guys never went to BC but that's only cause that's about the only place we did go as my mum's family are all out there. The Okanagan is soooo beautiful but the only problems are the EXPENSIVE cost of living... and the fact that there is literally one road all the way through it, through the mountains. xoxo