Dear Spot:

Dear Spot:
We are so excited for you to come! I can't believe it's only six more weeks until you arrive. I had a dream that you were born with a full head of black hair, bright blue eyes and the CUTEST chubby cheeks with a dimple. Didn't look anything like either of your parents, but I can't wait to see how accurate/far off my dreams are. I am not known for having reliable dreams so I figure you will probably come out bald, small, with brown eyes.

Here's the thing though; please don't come early. PLEASE. Take your time in there; grow, kick, squirm. Let's make a date in six weeks to meet each other but if you come earlier you will throw your parents for a loop (perhaps you know that, like that and will come early just for fun). We are slowly getting things ready for you but the house, room and all things baby won't be ready for six weeks sooooooo please oh please don't come early.

You're kicking me right now as I type. You are quite the mover and shaker. I hope that means you like it in there and are content to stay in for another six weeks so I can finish painting the cabinets, clean the 2" of dust off the whole house, paint the crib, unpack the house, arrange the nursery, make some freezer meals, and work for another 4 weeks.

But if you do come early, we won't be too upset. You'll just sleep in a drawer and we'll just be excited to finally meet you...


   Seriously, take your time in there...
Love you


  1. Ha ha....aww.... I can't wait to meet him:) miss you guys!

  2. Spot! What a great name. The only other thing I ever knew with that name was yellow and barked . . .

    Ha! I feel your pain V! I hope he takes just the right amount of time to make is entrance too (for your sake)! We are excited to meet him! I bet he'll have dark hair and blue eyes . . . he will be gorgeous!!