Brock's Baby Blessing

Despite some stress planning the blessing/ getting the families together and the threat of rain, Brock's baby blessing went so lovely. Having to juggle many different schedules we decided to hold it July 1st at 5 p.m, instead of at church, so we could accomodate the most people coming and we ended up having quite a few people over.

We were just thrilled to have so many friends and family make time in their busy lives to come. We had family come from Arizona, Washington, Oregon and B.C. and we were just so greatful and excited to see them all. The whole thing turned out near perfect and we couldn't have pulled it off without the help from the women on both sides of the family. Thanks to all our family and friends who ended up being able to make it!

The whole crew...
I love having a backyard that's plenty big enough to have a crew this big roam around.
We just loved having Shawn's family up and my family visit. Tamara, my sister, drove up
from Portland for less then 24 hrs just to be there!

Family shot!

The lil man of the hour!
What a gassy lil man he is too, Shawn said that the whole
time Brock was getting blessed he was letting out one toot
after another... Ha ha

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