Beautiful Baby Brock

First off, let me explain the lack of posts lately.
a) having a newborn
b) computer dying 3 days before Brock was born, can't upload pictures on an iPad and typing is much too much effort on one
c) family visits and vacations
If it was just one, maybe I could have soldiered on but all three combined are kinda the perfect storm to prevent blogging.

But my mum has lent me her computer for a bit so I am back and soooo behind!

Let's start with the fun stuff. When I was 40 weeks pregnant a co-worker forwarded me a casting call for newborns. Shauna McColl Photography was wanting newborns 10 days or less to be models and in return she would do a free photoshoot and luck had it that Brock was born in the perfect time frame and Brock got his first experience of a photo shoot (I already have family pictures booked for October). Shauna was sooooo amazing with Brock, you could just tell that she had extensive experience with babies and she just loooooves them. Brock was a lil turkey during the 4 hr shoot and decided that this was the four hours he would fight to stay awake despite sleeping the majority of other times but thanks to Shauna's patience and talent we got some adorable pictures!

One of my favs. So sweet and precious...
She tried to have him have both hands on his stomach but our lil boy likes
sleeping with his hand on his face and he wouldn't put it down.
After 40 minutes, she gave up and I love the result.

I just love this one! We found this old school Tonka truck at a garage sale
and I just loved the idea of this photo and luckily Shauna agreed and it
turned out sooooo awesome. LOVE.

I love this photo just because it shows his lil personality
when he wakes up he raises his arms up and stretches, every
time! It's adorable!
In the end, I just love them and can't wait to put some up on our walls!
We have a cute lil guy and what can I say? I am sooo in love with him and a lil obsessed with him and all his lil quirks.

And thanks so much Shauna!

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