Tres Meses

It's so hard to believe that it's been three months since Brock came into our lives!
He is growing so fast so quickly, I love it and hate it all at once. I love how he is getting so good at grabbing at toys, holding key rings and gnawing on his fist but it's scary how quickly they grow.
The other night I was laying on the bed playing with Brock and started thinking, "soon he'll be crawling, then walking, then talking, then in preschool, then in school-school and then it will be high school and then he will be graduated and be on a mission and then he will find a girl and get married and go to school and then next thing I will be a grandmother and be middle-aged! OMG"
Yep, my mind can run away with itself sometimes eh? My newborn may have just graduated into an infant but in my mind I am already picturing his wedding. Time to slow down and just love every moment with my lil guy. When else will I be able to give 100% attention to a baby other than this first year with Brock. After that, I will be back at work and then I will have two kids and then back to work and then three kids and... See how it runs away with itself?
But man am I loving being Canadian lately because it gives me a whole year to stay at home and snuggle with this guy.
I just love his facial expressions. His face is so expressive and the things he does with his eyebrows slay me. He can go from a smile to a pout to a laugh to a cry within 30 seconds. He is such a good baby, definitely can be fussy, but so easy to settle down. He is quite the Houdini as well, try as I might to wrap him so tightly (he sleeps so much better swaddled) I will find him awake at the end of his nap with his arm out, usually sucking on his fist.
So cute.
I about died when he grabbed the toy hanging about him the first time. And when he rolled on his side. He's getting so big! (that will be a recurrent theme in my blogs; my disbelief/awe/love/dislike for him growing up) Thank goodness he hasn't completely rolled over cause I don't think I am ready for that. It's gonna happen soon though.
Just like the majority of babies he has a severe dislike for legit tummy time, there is a veryslight window to get a photo of his push-up skills before he breaks down and starts wailing... Note that he is about a half-second away of that here, thus the beginning of a pout.
Here is an example of one time that I missed that window.
Did I mention he is getting HUGE?
A mini sumo wrestler in training, no?
He officially graduated from the 0-3 mos clothes to the 3-6 mos clothes a week ago but to be honest, he prob should have switched a lil' earlier but I resisted. My baby is getting so big! (see? it's a theme)
Apparently we need to have a talk about not using his size to bully other kids, Brock gave a lefty to poor skinny Reid ;)
But seriously, he might be a lil too young for playdates right now but don't tell that to Naomi and I.

He loves being outside but not so much for photos, "Please no photos!"
He gets that from his father.
We are just in love with Brock. And he is in love with us. And his hands.
His favorite is when he gets his hands on us. :)
We have just loved these last three months getting to know each other and we know that this is just the beginning of a beautiful life together...

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