Reason 2918 Why...

This lil guy has been a lil stinker the last 10 days when it comes to sleeping at night.
Think, waking up every hour or two just to scream.
You can guess that I am exhausted. Shawn is exhausted. Brock is exhausted.
We are all exhausted.
It seemed to get a bit better Friday night. Three whole hours in a row!
But then Saturday night; back to the every hour or two.
Needless to say, we didn't really get to 9 am church but I did get to the last hour of church.
I was soooo tired but I knew I had to make 3 dozen cookies for a Youth Fireside later that night.
Then I came home to 3 dozen no-bake cookies. Shawn had made them for me so I could nap.
Just reason 2918 why I love this man.

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  1. No sleep is no fun! and what a great Hubby you have!!