Not-So Smooth Criminal

I was bored and Shawn was in the shower so I got the bright idea to play a prank on Shawn. He loves hot hot showers so I decided to cool him off a bit. 

I ran downstairs and grabbed a schooner glass full of cold water and ran back upstairs. Quietly, I jumped up on the toilet and was getting ready to dump it over on him when the shower turned off and the curtain opened. Quickly I tried to pour it on him and jump back at the same time. 

Not smart.

I ended up whacking myself in the eye with the heavy, solid glass schooner glass and collapsed on the ground in pain. Shawn's ideas of revenge were thankfully abandoned when he saw that I already got myself worse than he ever would have got me. 

Thankfully I didn't get a legit black eye.. Just a wanna-be bruised corner.

I really need to be more smooth in my pranks. 

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