Growing up we were only close to two of our cousins due to the rest of them living on the opposite side of the country. Because of that I have always wanted my kids to know their cousins, aunts and uncles. I just love how close Shawn was to all his extended family; they saw each other all the time. That's my dream.
I just love how we live only 3 blocks from Shawn's brother and sister-in-law and three awesome lil nephews. Maybe we can start a Taber Bevans clan/mafia/gang :)
Since on the Wyght side of cousins there are only two grandkids so far, Tamara and I are determined that our kids will be tight (and I am equally determined that Brock will know his Bevans cousins just as well) sooo we were so happy to have Tamara and Kash make the loooooong drive up to hang out.
Yep, Kash and Brock are already tight.
Love sisters!

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