Lucky Me

I am slightly over-the-top in love with my lil guy.
He's pretty much perfect.
I really thought I would miss work, but SURPRISE I don't. At all. At all, at all.
And since we are getting biweekly lil cheques from the government E.I.(?) for me to stay at home with our lil Mr. Magoo, I still feel like I am contributing financially so I have zero guilt about me not working. Score!
Nine weeks into motherhood and I feel like I am completely settled in to the role. It's pretty ideal actually. I get all day to cuddle, snuggle, feed, burp, rock and bounce my lil baby boy and yes sometimes he is fussy and screams and cries for no apparant reason but I don't mind. I can't help but think how lucky I am and how short and special this time is.
In three weeks he'll officially be considered an "infant" and not the lil "newborn" he is now.
I think I might cry. Seeing him grow and develop is exciting and terrifying all at once. 

Some new things on the Brock front:
-He's really discovered his hands lately and he will just shove as much of them as he can into his mouth and just happily gnaw/such on them.
-He has officially transitioned from the thousands of small poops a day to the one MASSIVE blowout every other day; awesome for his lil bum that was raw from so  many poops before but not so awesome for his poor lil cute clothes that are just taking a poop beating now.
-He's starting to fall asleep by himself at night. I will wrap him in a tight lil bundle, give him his soother and lay him on our awesomely soft carpet in the living room and he will just look around for a bit before losing out to sleep.
-For some reason he has taken to blowing lil bubbles all the time. Straight. He is getting drooly too. He is waaaay too young to start teething so I don't know why he is doing that.
-He looooves his swing and so do I.
-He is babbling sooo much and smiling. And the occasional giggles. Melts my heart for sure...

Ooops the lil guy is waking up. Time for  more baby cuddles!


  1. I say it all the time, but I was surprised how true it was when I experienced it myself . . . those little babes make your heart tender. Now for some pictures of this growing man!!

  2. I just love reading your blog, Valena! It makes me so excited to welcome our own in just a couple of months! Motherhood looks amazing on you, you're glowing! And Brock is one handsome little man!