Baby Shower Bliss

Fun lil story; Naomi and I met 4 years ago through married friends. We were the only single gals of the group so we hit up YSA activities and became friends. Then around two years ago I got married, and six months later Naomi did. Naomi moved to Taber with her husband and six months later so did we. Then I got pregnant and sure enough, 4 weeks later so did Naomi. So now we have lil Brock and Reid only 4 weeks (exactly) apart in age. So to be efficient, the ladies in our ward (at church) threw a baby shower for both of us together!
I thought it was so sweet of them just to offer to throw us a joint baby shower. We had only been in the ward for a few months and didn't really know many people that well yet but you would never know that by seeing the shower they threw and the women that showed up. Brock and I felt so special and so loved. Naomi and I were just blown away by the shower. Lonna and Janelle were the ladies who threw the shower and you could just see all the effort they put in the shower. I loved it!
"Shower Brock and Reid with gifts"
raindrops, clouds and umbrellas decorated the house
just a snippet of the guests who showed up.. it was an open house so ladies came and went throughout the night. It was so cute to see double of everything... Double decorations, double gifts. People were sooo sweet and kind and Naomi and I can't wait to dress Reid and Brock in their matching outfits.
There were actually three of us due within six weeks
Laura and Phoebe; Me and Brock; Naomi and Reid
Baby Party!
Originally I didn't want any baby shower (long story) but man am I glad we had a double one; it was soo pretty and so fun. Yep we do love our ward!

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