Alberta Bound

I am sitting on the floor in front of our couch where Shawn is passed out, having a well deserved nap. He has just finished the last of his exams and now is officially in summer mode for the next 4.5 months. 

In a couple days we will be moving and around me are boxes, all generously donated from grocery stores or scavenged from fast-food restaurant's cardboard bin. I am impressed by how many apples IGA and Safeway go through because each day we were able to walk away with 10-12 apple boxes (which FYI: are the BEST packing box due to the size and the fact they have lids!) We still have quite a bit more to do. Namely decide what clothes we will need for the next four months, wrap all the furniture and then haul it to the storage unit which will hold all our belongings till we return for September.

 Shawn is so excited to get on with this next step, back to Lethbridge to play with his giant man toys all summer (aka bull-dozers, back-hoe's, excavators, etc) and while I am looking forward to returning to southern Alberta I still find myself a little sad leaving behind our house. Shawn says he won't miss the flooding bathroom, or the missing ceiling tiles that masquerade as a 'fan', or the fact that there is no utensil drawer or that the house is roughly the size of some people's kitchen but I am going to miss it. It was our first home together and I know that I will love it just for that forever... But if our next house has a drawer for our utensils, I will be okay with that. 

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