The Best Feeling...

No, I am not talking about love, friendship or any of the typical feel-good feelings.

I am talking about finding free samples. Oh yes. Is there anything better than going to Costco and walking around trying out bite-sized samples of chicken, pasta, treats and cheese? Getting free samples just make me smile.

Shawn and I were at a movie with the other Bevans, Trent & Cathy, in line for a soda. We were pulling at our pockets trying to scrape every bit of change to make the $3.75 needed to buy the soda sans a debit card, but we coming up $0.25 short. Jokingly, I said "maybe he will just give it to us for free", and then conceded to pulling out the debit card. When we got up to the till and ordered our drink, how surprised was I when he gave us the drink for free! He said he heard me mention maybe getting if for free and he figured, 'why not'? It only saved us $3.75, you save more using your Safeway club card but it made my day, even talking about it after the movie.

The next best thing to getting something for free is finding a loophole... Anyone who works in a place where parking is scare will agree when I say parking can be a pain. The hospital I work at has outrageous parking prices at $15/day and the closest 4 blocks are all 2 hr parking which can mean either a looong walk at 6:15 am or running outside every 2 hrs to beat the ticket police. It was a lose/lose. And then I found this.... 

Do you notice the difference on the bottom sign on the second photo? It looks like "No Parking" but it's only no parking when it's a snow route... It means that when the roads are clear, this spot is one of only two FREE all-day spots and I grab it every day.

And look how close I am!!! Everyday I pull up and park in my free parking zone, I can't help but grin, even with the sub-zero temperatures. Seriously, how sad is it that I seriously think I'm more excited for this than Christmas morning!? I am amazed that more people haven't clued into this but I'm not gonna spread the word...

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