We Love the Gong

April 6, 2010 was supposed to be my last day in Australia. I was devastated about leaving the gorgeous weather and beaches to go back home. Perhaps my subconscious is partly to blame for the surfing accident that left me broken and in the hospital for 3 weeks. After all, thanks to breaking my back my stay was extended by 6 more weeks. Yep, I think I sabotaged my own trip home.
Doped up on drugs was how I survived the first few days.
Bring on the childbirth, can't be worse than this.
My friends who were by my side every slow step of the way. 
Showing off my battle wounds 
My Aussie Fam...
My Aunt, and Aussie surrogate mom, and my actual mom

There are many perks of getting injured in Australia.
#1 Recovery on the beach

Every day I thank my Heavenly Father for the countless blessings I have experienced since that April day. But none more than bringing that crazy guy who looked at a broken girl with a back brace and thought, "That's the girl I wanna marry." 
I Love You.

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  1. well of course Shawn wanted to marry a broken back girl... you rock that back brace daaang good!!!