Birthdays and BBQs

What do birthdays and BBQ's have in common? They are two good excuses to get some people together. 
Spring has finally arrived in Saskatoon! Hurrah! Never mind the fact that there is very light snow falling right now, as I type, I refuse to be brought down from my spring-induced high. 

Shawn and I went to Costco and when we came across ribs and chicken wings we couldn't help but buy some. Can anyone really refuse their prices and their quality? Only problem with Costco food is that the 'bulk' factor. Our two-some-ness is not ideal for Costco packaging. I suppose we could have froze some of the wings and ribs but where's the fun in that? The only solution was throwing a barbeque!!!!!

We definitely had enough food to feed a small army but due to the fact our basement suite is roughly the size of a tent, we had to limit it to having 3 other couples over. Trent & Cathy, Rob & Bailey, and Chance & Amy were kind enough to come over and help tackle the mountain of BBQ ribs, wings and baked potatoes. Shawn just could not resist cooking every wing and rib and by no means are these boys shy about eating and yet we still had a mountain of chicken left over. Good thing it's delicious because I am more than okay eating the same, delicious thing over and over. 

But the best thing about the BBQ was being able to semi-celebrate Shawn's upcoming 25th birthday... What is with guys' aversion to birthday parties? Shawn made me promise not to throw him a birthday party, but when he started the whole BBQ train rolling, I couldn't help but buy him a ice cream cake. It was a perfect example of killing 3 birds with one stone. 
1) Desert for the BBQ
2) Giving Shawn a birthday cake 
3) Getting to eat an ice cream cake 

But to ensure that Shawn wouldn't accuse me of breaking my promise, I put no candles on the cake (only the sweetest '2' & '5' numerical sparklers ) and refused any attempt to sing 'Happy Birthday'

All in all, any day where you combine spring, friends, BBQ food, and ice cream cake I consider that a fantastic day. In fact, I wouldn't mind every weekend being like that. 

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  1. is this 2 posts in one day, I see?! lol Nicely done. That makes up for my lack of creativity and a interesting life.
    Thanks again for inviting us over! I think we need to do more stuff like this =)