The Good Thing About A Delayed Honeymoon...

When Shawn and I got married we were so busy with moving, school, work and other life things that we never got around to going on a honeymoon. But that's changing now. Due to future plans of ours we decided that December is the best time to go in the next near future so two days ago Shawn and I booked a our trip to the Mayan Riviera for December 11 - 18th. The best thing about a delayed honeymoon is that this counts as a honeymoon and our one year anniversary celebration.

I am ridiculously excited. Beaches, ocean, and tanning are all things I have missed ridiculously the last year and a half. But even more, I have a husband that is fluent in Spanish, loves everything Mexico and am so excited for him to see a different part of Mexico...  And if it happens to look like this

Then I am just even more excited....


  1. It looks AMAZING!!! So happy for you guys...you'll have a blast:) And, do I even need to say this....take a LOT of pictures!! ha ha

  2. Party on girl! Grab all that vitamin D you can find! I don't even need to tell you have a great time . . .