Difference Between Shawn and I

Don't get me wrong. 
I like to work.
But I also like to rest, sleep, read, watch T.V. and especially eat
(trust me, I get grumpy if I don't eat)
Not like Shawn. He's a freaking machine.

Let's compare:

6 am- Get up
7 am- Go to work
4 pm- Get home from work
4:30 pm- Go out to Taber
5 pm- Paint 
(Yep, we are on to painting!!!)
7:30 pm- Supper break
8:10 pm- Wal-Mart break
9 pm- Home time!!

6 am- Wake up, start Valena's car 
(love him)
8:30 am- Go out to Taber to work on the house
(everything and anything)
7:30 pm- Eat pizza while tiling the shower
10 pm- Still out there working

Yep, my husband puts me to shame...
He can work like no other... I am a lucky girl because:
a) he works so hard
b) doesn't expect me to keep up

He has high hopes to be in the house in two weeks... Can't wait to post some pictures so you can see just how much he has done. It's amazing! He has skills... 
Working on the bathtub tiling

Almost done

How nice is this??? 

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