Pregnancy Dreams...

Ever since I got pregnant I have been bombarded with crazy dreams.


-People I haven't thought about in years(!) are showing up in random nights.
-Things that are better fitted in sci-fi movies are regular showees.
-But my favorite has been popping every month or so...

I am pregnant in my dreams and I get a lil curious/worried/interested in how the baby is doing so I unzip my stomach and pull out the baby and I show him off to Shawn;

a) the first time I unzipped myself and checked out the baby and realized it had ten toes but twelve fingers that were fully functioning... I wasn't too upset...
b) the second time I unzipped I made sure the baby was doing okay, and when I was sure that it was I gently put him back inside but not before putting back on his teeny, tiny nasal prongs for his oxygen... 
c) last night was the third dream I remember and this time when I unzipped my stomach, now that we know it's a boy I guess my dream knew too, cause when I pulled him out he was fully dressed in a blue onesie outfit. 

And the weirdest thing is that in my dreams... This all seems normal to be pulling out my fully-dressed baby and then putting back on his oxygen prongs and then zipping him back in for the rest of the pregnancy.
Yep my stomach has oxygen capabilities...

For fun I googled it on the internet, and apparently I am not the only who has had the same unzipping dreams. Who knew?


  1. ha ha ha ha....that is one crazy dream!! If only it was so easy...just unzipping, instead of the whole pushing out thing...ha ha.

  2. Maybe you have a thing for zippers? So funny V! The dreams I had always involved me going about living my life as I did and then realizing I forgot I have a baby who I left at home alone. Six hours ago.

  3. P.S. When are we going to see some pics of that newly renovated place?!?

  4. Reno pics will hopefully be soon!! I just want to wait till the cupboards are in so we can put back the fridge and appliances in spots cuz it's not the same taking a picture of the newly reno living room when there is a dishwasher, wood, fridge and random tools everywhere... But it is looking sooo good! And there's plenty of spare rooms ;)