When Shawn and I got married, I was dead set on waiting years to have a baby.
But things changed and Shawn and I decided to go off birth control in late August thinking it would take 6 months or so to get pregnant.

It took 2 weeks.

I was down in Portland, visiting my sister Tamara with Chelsey, when I bought a pregnancy test due to paranoia. It had only been 3 weeks since my last period so I wasn't thinking I was ACTUALLY pregnant, I was just being paranoid. So when the lil stick came back as "pregnant", I swear the world started spinning madly. I was able to keep the secret for about, oh, an hour before I burst into tears. 

The next 24 hrs I had a mini-meltdown. 
"I'm not ready"
"What did we DO?"
"Maybe it's wrong" (I seriously considered having my non-married sister pee on the stick as a comparison.. maybe the test was defective)
"How on earth is the contraceptive out of my system already??? It's GOTTA be wrong"
"We can't have a kid... We don't have a plan.. at all!"
"We haven't even gone on a honeymoon yet!"
"What did we DO?"

Tamara talked me down from the ledge and reminded me that nine months is a looong time...
Then I came home and told Shawn and he has been nothing but ecstatic about the pending arrival of Baby Bevans... 

And you know what? After a week or two, I was used to the fact that I was pregnant and by the end of the first month I found myself actually excited...

...to meet this lil guy
No, I'm not carrying a Mermaid baby,
apparantly they can't take a full picture of the baby
so they take photos of snippets of the baby...
How cute is he????

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