Budget time...

Yesterday Shawn and I sat down to attempt to do a budget.
Going from two income to one income hurts, and even though his schooling is only 9 weeks, after that it's only a matter of a couple months before I am off for maternity leave for a year so we best be used to living on one income.

My idea of budgeting is figuring what I want to do/how much I need and then working enough to afford it. Apparently, Shawn says that's not budgeting at all... Whoops.
So we sat down and did it the proper way. When it came to our extra spending we went through our purchases on our online banking page and found that we really don't spend that much other than on home renovations, gas/diesel, groceries.... and 7-11 stops/Edo stops. 
So we cut the last one completely, and another by a bit and then we started planning.

By the end, we have a nice restrictive budget, I was finding it a lot harder to breathe (like I said, not used to budgeting this way... If I wanted more money, I would work more and then be able to afford more) and Shawn had decided that maybe he was right all along and perhaps we shouldn't have gone to Mexico, perhaps we should have saved the money instead. 

Try as I might I just can't agree with him.

As soon as I found out I was pregnant I decided we had to go on our late honeymoon before the baby comes. I thought it was quite practical really. We price compared and picked a 3.5 star on a last minute deal web-site. 

And we did have a fantastic time.
Who can regret this?

But my travel-happy self will have to be content with these memories because something tells me we won't be going on another trip for a loooooong time. I don't think I can convince Shawn that's its worth it.

Still don't regret spending the money tho... (maybe it's a sickness)

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  1. I wouldn't regret it either, it looks awesome! The pics are fantastic. Budgeting really isn't that bad, you get used to it.
    I read this post out loud to JD and these are his comments: (in regards to money-sickness)"your right, it is a sickness. it's a mental sickness, and a little bit of time in Ponoka will get it out of you." oh, and also in regards to "regretting it": "I'd only regret wearing that yellow life jacket" ha ha...he's a hoser, I know...