Four Months and Then Some...

In two days I will be 20 weeks pregnant... Almost half-way there! 

This whole thing has been kind of surreal. I have been extremely lucky during my pregnancy thus far. The only thing that tipped me that I am actually pregnant is occasional headaches and EXTREME fatigue in the first trimester and the blessing of no period for the last 4 months... Love that.

But then we went for our ultrasound two days ago. I felt almost sick as I drove to meet Shawn for our appointment. All I wanted was to hear that the baby was normal and healthy and everything was okay...

And then I saw the baby move and kick and squirm and it hit me that that was all happening inside me. I tried to close my eyes and see if I could feel what Shawn and I were seeing on the screen but nada... but now I know that the lil guy is moving inside me and before long I will be feeling him squirm and kick.

We had our doctor's appointment today, found out that I've gained 8 lbs so far and then we heard the words that every will-be-parents want to hear, "Everything is normal".  Such a relief, and then he said...

"It's a boy!" Maybe Shawn is right after all, maybe Bevans boys only produce more Bevans boys...

He's little, but he's in there!!!


  1. SO exciting!! Boys are so fun...I'm happy for you guys:) And your looking great, as always!

  2. Ha! A boy! Hysterical! We do like boys in our family. And so funny--so you found out while you were down here? I'm sure the craziness of my kids running around when you stopped in for dinner that night wasn't helping the paranoia--I was seriously the same way when we found out too. The ultrasound is pretty cool though--makes it all real. Take care of yourself V! So happy for you!!

  3. Ya, Shawn has been saying this whole time that since Rob only has boys than logically he will too... But then Shawn tried to cheat and peek at what the Ultrasound tech was writing down for the sex of the baby and he SWORE it was a girl.... He was 100% sure that he saw her put an "F" down for sex so he was super shocked when he heard it was a boy... haha... but I figure he will be in good company with how many boy cousins? We'll just have to even out the girl ratio next baby so your girls wont feel so outnumbered Mary!