Messing Up Frozen Pizza Takes Talent

When Shawn and I decided to have a frozen pizza for dinner, we understandably assumed it would go off without a hitch. But we underestimated the power of my ridiculousness. Onto our pizza stone and in the oven went the pizza, and out it came 30 minutes later. It looked delicious. We were excited to dig in so after Shawn seemed to be having a hard time cutting the pizza, I gave him a lil bit of a hard time

Me: "Come on, can't handle a lil pizza?"
Him: "I can't understand it... Why is this so.... Wait...... is this cardboard?"
Me: "No way! I threw out the cardboard! I swear!" opens the cupboard to reveal the garbage and reveals no cardboard. "Oh"

The pizza wasn't completely ruined, rather it was just very, very, very soft on the bottom. Not quite the texture one usually aims for when picking out pizza. It was somewhat rectified by throwing it back in the oven for an extra 5 minutes or so.

To be fair, nowhere on the package's cooking directions does it mention cardboard but, on the other hand cooking pizza is pretty idiot proof and I just figured out a way to mess it up. It was an honest mistake, and I brushed it off. Until it happened again.

On Wednesdays Shawn has a night class, and sometimes he decides to stay in between classes to study so I bring him supper to make sure he doesn't go hungry, and so I can sneak a kiss in. Today, I decided that I would bring him some pizza. Easy, yummy, and perfect. So I popped in the pizza, set the timer and sat down to read. It hit me just as I heard the buzz; I couldn't recall removing cardboard from under the pizza. I did it again. I ran to the oven to pull it out before it could cook on the cupboard one second longer. In my rush, I outdid my first mistake by dropping the pizza. Just like that, my hawaiian pizza became a ham pizza as all the pineapple jumped off into the oven's grill. Thankfully, I was able to half catch it and salvage the pizza and Shawn still received dinner tonight. 

Only a special, special person can mess up cooking a pizza, not once, but twice, and then drop it. Sometimes I wonder how I ever graduated university. 

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