Everyone has probably heard of dopplegangers, whether in fairy-tales such as "The Prince and the Pauper" or t.v. shows such as "How I Met Your Mother". Well, unbeknownst to us, we had a family member's doppleganger with us in Saskatoon. This man is actually, already quite well-known amidst the Bevans, because he is a cousin.

Jon Bevans, meet your unsuspecting twin
The True Jon Bevans

If a Jon appearance is required/desired and cannot
be acquired, apparently Chance will do just fine
as many Arizonians cannot tell the difference.
Shawn and I were flying down to Gilbert, AZ for a visit to the 'rents and Chance was coming along to visit Shawn's sister and bro-in-law, Shad and Kyle. I am so glad he did come, because watching him get mistaken for Jon, over and over, was one of the two humorous highlights of the trip.

The first time Chance was mistaken for Jon, we chalked it up to a fluke mistake, even if it was by Grandmpa Thuan. The second time was worth a chuckle or two. By the night of our open house Chance had just accepted his alter-ego, as it happened so much. Chance and Jon are both lanky, dark hair, dark eyes, with similar builds; perhaps people were used to seeing a tall lanky guy come to visit every now and then and just assumed this tall, lanky guy was the same one. But the night before we were about to leave, we were at Shad and Kyle's when our sister-in-law's parents stopped by. They, like Chance, were from Cardston and were here on vacation to go to some NASCAR races. Stopping by to pick up some tickets, they talked for a bit and then started asking Chance if he had met any cute girls down in AZ, he joked about meeting girls and then the wife said, "well if you meet a cute girl, just tell them to look you up on facebook. How many Jon's can there be?" We were all stunned and disolved into giggles when they left. It was one thing for Arizonians to not tell the difference, but these people were from Cardston, they KNOW Chance. It was just the icing on the cake.

Our second amusing moment involved this lovely man

This man is the father of Shawn's uncle's wife Michelle. He was along for the ride, from California, and was in Arizona for our open house. He was so sweet, but for the past five years he has been suffering from Alzheimer's. As such, he would speak random bouts of German, despite him not being German.

Michelle's father: 'Danke'

Michelle: 'Dad, you're Italian!'

hahahaha, he was so cute

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