Royal Gladiator Rumble

It's official.
You can never be too old for blow-up gladiator fighting..
For the young marrieds' social there was food galore, fun house bouncers, and a gladiator ring. It was awesome.

Alliances were made, lines were drawn and the male Team Bevans wer the first to fall. Cathy and I were shocked and dismayed; there was really nothing else to do but for Cathy and I to take up the reigns and redeem our good (and new) name.... We lost the first bout but in the end we were the best-of-three victors (it is surprisingly hard to stay on those things when someone is trying to take out your knees)....
It felt great, being the last one standing on the air-filled gladiator stump holding the foam gladiator battering ram but we all knew it was basically a fluke..

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