Night and Day

Some people are morning people, some are night hawks. Shawn is a rare breed that is not only both but his peek time of the day always seems to be right when I am laying down to sleep. It never ceases to amuse me that every night that I am tired, ready for bed and laying my head down on my pillow, this is when Shawn gets his second wind and just rambles on till either:
a) I beg him to let me go to sleep, or
b) I finally halfway nod off and answer one of his questions in a mumbling, unintelligible response and he finally concedes to go to sleep

He has his own complaints about me tho, saying that on the mornings that I am the first to arise for work, I am as quiet as an elephant walking on glass. I object to his accusation due to the fact that the man is the lightest sleeper! Okay, maybe it does take me 15 minutes to wake up after getting out of bed and I may be slightly louder than I should be but it is unfair, really. He could ring bells in my ear and I would remain sleeping soundly while I could breathe extra heavy and he would rouse.

Neither of these can be resolved any time soon, and until I become quieter or Shawn all of a sudden sleeps in a deeper sleep I think that we will continue to be amused by our own versions of why I wake him up each morning and why he feels the need to open up each night as my eyelids are dying to close.

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