Never Mind the Date....

One day and one month until Shawn's and my 6-mo anniversary!!!!

If you are a guy, you probably are thinking that the only anniversary is the annual one but I beg to differ. In the first year after- well, just about anything- is marked small increment by small increment. Days, then weeks, then months. Only after you reach the one year mark do I switch to annual anniversaries.

Our wedding anniversary will be the exception. There will be the annual mark and the half-way mark.

The reason for this is simple. If it had been up to me, Shawn and I wouldn't even be married yet. I was dead set on having a June wedding (if you have ever seen "7 brides for 7 brothers" you will know why) or at least a summer wedding. Shawn wanted a September wedding so we comprimised and picked December 30th, aka the coldest day possible.

Just because we got married in winter doesn't mean we have to suffer celebrating our marriage every year in the cold so we agreed to bump the anniversary to the half-way mark, June 30th.  So in one month and one day Shawn and I will be celebrating our one-yr-anniversary six months after we got married. And I can't wait to have not a flake of snow anywhere around us when we do.

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