Was it a Full Moon Last Night?

I love my job.


Even when I come on shift at 11 p.m. and hear that there are not one, but TWO, men who were completely off their rockers... My night was definitely busy for other reasons as well, but mainly because I was chasing down bed alarms as my confused lil old men kept trying to crawl out of bed and I was rushing to prevent them from pulling out one, or all of their various tubes.

"I understand you think that you have to pee, but you actually have a catheter that is draining your bladder"

"No, you don't have to let the dog out because you are in the hospital"

"I don't think your friends want you calling them at 3:30 am, perhaps you might want to wait until the morning?"

Let's just say that I don't feel guilty about eating four chocolate-chip cookies after all my 100-m. dashes to catch my wandering patients. I was about to eat my fifth but a alarm sounding down the hall cut into my snack time.

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