World War Z

We have all heard of the Great War and World War II but I had never heard of World War Z until two weeks ago when I stumbled upon this book at Chapters. I am quite partial to reading books about the second world war but reading about World War Z was surprisingly fascinating. 

Unlike my sister, Chelsey, I do not have any fascination with zombies and this book was quite out of my usual genre but this oral history of the zombie wars book blew me away.   

Through countless interviews of people all over the world, the author documents everything from initial encounters with the virus in China to the world wide "Great Panic" to the (and this is my FAVORITE part) the eventual, gradual beginning of the world's winning the war of the zombies. What can I say, I am a sucker for happy endings and most zombie movies are lacking in that department so I was overjoyed with the optimistic tone in the ending.

Before you scoff at the idea of this book, I have to say that there are three times in my life that I have been thoroughly convinced that completely illogical things could very conceivably happen;
1) "The Ring" made me afraid to walk in front of my t.v. for days.
Every night when I had to use the bathroom I would sprint from the stairs to the hallway to deny the creepy lil girl any opportunity to kill me. 
2) After watching 'War of the Worlds', I spent the first two hours at work the next morning scouring the skyline and horizon scouting for killer alien tripods.
2) Reading World War Z had me locking my doors and curling up to a sleeping Shawn at night before I could continue reading. Sadly, I had no weapon of any kind except ensuring Shawn was sleeping on the side of the bed that was near the door. I have faith Shawn could thwart any zombie. 

But it made me think....

I could go two ways with this... I could study up on Zombie survival tips
I decided against that. Instead I just decided to reopen discussions starting a food storage with Shawn. There are so many good reasons to have a good food storage; helping us get through a improbable zombie invasion is just one of them. 

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