Washing Hair is for Days Off

Working a string of nightshifts in a row means good money. What it also means is...

I usually don't get ready much.... 

Sleep, eat, lay in bed, hang out with Shawn, maybe venture outside, run errands, kiss Shawn maybe go to church if I can drag myself out of bed mid-sleep (not so much yesterday) and jump in and out of the shower WITHOUT getting my hair wet...
(did I mention how Shawn stayed up till 5 am just so he could sleep in with me after my night shift? Love.)

So you see, my hair from day 1 is usually the same as day 3 and sometimes day 4 or 5.... When I have straight hair it's much easier to pull off... Curly hair can get frizzy VERY quickly and the curls kind of sag after being slept on two nights in a row.

This afternoon Shawn mentioned how he hasn't been to Heads Smashed In Buffalo Jump in eons so we opted for a good ol' random Sunday drive. We were so busy talking that we missed the turn-off by 40 km which was fine because we were really just wanting to be out driving, enjoying the gorgeous day that was to be had yesterday. Another reason for our drive was to see the cliff that was the cause of all those smashed in buffalo heads; I remember it being so much higher and more intimidating that I actually argued for ten minutes that we were looking at the wrong cliff and the actual one must be on the other side of the hill... I was convinced of that I was right until Shawn told me that the height of the cliff was much more appropriate than the massive ones I pointed out... His exact words would be 'you would have buffalo mush and splatter if they went off that cliff.' Never thought of it that way before.

By the time we got home I had the option of washing my hair or getting a nap in and just making my hair do for a third/fourth day.
No contest.
I brushed my hair, grabbed my chi to help fix the front curls and back curls and hopped right into bed.

Imagine my surprise when I walked onto the floor and everyone complimented me on my hair.. haha... maybe bedhead is a good look for me...

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  1. ha ha....love this post...your air is always awesome...I would compliment you too!:)