Opposite Schedules

Wow... Moving back to Lethbridge has changed things alot.

It's spring outside! Yes! The weather is nice, the grass is green, the days are longer. I love it. True, this only has to do with the season, not the city, but I am giving credit to Lethbridge just because I am so happy with the 20C weather...

My renewed love for bikes is abundant. Shawn seems to be getting slightly sick of me suggesting we bike ride to every destination, but I just love being outside. Oh how I missed the nice weather. 

I am actually working, alot! Ahhhhh everytime I return to work I am reminded how much I love my job and how much I love feeling productive and making money. Add that to Shawn being such a workaholic (172 hrs in 2.5 weeks) that he almost makes me feel like a slacker and I am excited to actually start saving some money for investments, houses, and maybe if I can convince him, a future trip to South America... And I actually come home from work happy, having had fun with my co-workers and with nameless stories to tell. Like my 55-yr-old pt who asked for a diaper so he wouldn't have to get up in the middle of the night to pee after he was walking around ALL DAY. Say what?? I will never choose a diaper over walking to the bathroom while my legs are functioning. You have my word.  

After 4 months of being together every moment that Shawn wasn't at school, we are now working opposite schedules. He leaves for work at 6:30 am, when I am most definitely still sawing logs and I come home at 11:30 pm, hours after he passed out. Luckily, shift work means it won't always be like this but it means I am all caught up on my t.v. and am able to do yoga each day... Man am I sore...  Also, it has made me grateful for every moment with him. 

Like this morning when I woke up to Shawn coming into the bedroom with breakfast in bed. My eyes were still half shut as I forked the scrambled eggs and toast into my mouth. How lucky am I??

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