In my mum's back-yard there is an apple tree that is ridiculously run rampant with apples so Shawn and I thought we'd nice and help her out by taking a bag of apples off her hands...

Once we got home, we decided to do the most natural thing next:

Apple Crisp Bake-Off!

It was the battle between "The Recipe Nazi"(me) and "The Free Spirit" (him)... I don't know what Shawn has against measuring cups and spoons but as I scooped and measured he just free poured and spooned here and there and wouldn't you know it, his Apple Crisp looked darn good. Curse him. I was still confident that recipes would prevail over willy-nilly eyeballing.

So we brought our home-made best efforts and presented each of our jury one scoop of each and we waited for the verdict.. And the winner is....

A TIE??? 

"They taste the same" "They're both good" "Hmm, I can't even tell the difference"

Say what?!?! 
Can they not tell that Shawn's was a mis-matched stack of layers while mine was amazingly proportionate?? 
Apparently not...       

I think I might appeal the verdict... 
So much for justice.

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