Time For A New Hobby...

One day when I was reading random blogs I came across this quote...

"The real growth comes not from doing what you already do well, but from trying what you suck at enough times that you get better." 

It kind of hit me and I loved it. How many times have I  been afraid to do something new, old or in-between because I suck at it? Let's pretend none ;)

But my new goal is to get into sewing. My sewing experience is limited to home ec in high school (I rocked those pajama pants!) and making jean blankets. Not really the most prestigious sewing resume but I am bound and determined to try and get some-what proficient at it. 

My new goal project???

These adorable things...

How freaking adorable is this quiet book? I love it! And the best thing is that there are 10 other adorable books for me to practice and try and make one semi-presentable book! I am thinking they will make excellent presents for all our nieces and nephews.

You can buy the patterns yourselves on Etsy here, or just wait until I get good enough and maybe I can make one for you! Might be a bit though because I have to wait till I get a sewing machine, hopefully for my birthday or christmas or anniversary (three occasions in 30 days, bound to get it for one of them right?)

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  1. wow! those are adorable!! If you make a ton, or ones that you don't deem good enough for nephews...I know a few boys who will take em;)