Distracted Driving Poster Child

If you are from Alberta, you have heard about the new distracted driving law. As of September 1st, it is illegal to do basically anything while driving. Good-bye cell phones, texting, make-up, reading, etc. while driving.

I am sure many people are excited about this. "Good riddance" they'll say, "It is so dangerous! Who would do something as stupid as drive distracted?"


I am the poster child for distracted driving.

This is not something I am proud of, just a fact. Name a stupid thing to do while driving and I have done it. 

"Well", you'll say, "many people talk on their phones, text or eat something in the car."

Perhaps, but have you ever;

-Done your make-up (mascara, eye-liner and all)
-Eaten a bowl of cereal, stir-fry, subway, etc.
-Watched a t.v. show on your laptop
-Read a book
-Slept (that did not end well, I especially don't recommend that one)

Good, neither have I............ ok, maybe that's a lie....... 

So, you can see why I was nervous come September 1st. I am perfect bait for tickets. So, that's why when I got in my car September 1st to drive to the bank I was very careful to leave my phone in the purse but I wasn't about to not eat my PB toast... Don't worry. I checked. Simple snacks are allowed. (Thank-goodness, or I would never be able to eat breakfast before morning shifts.) But, then I came across a police line-up out of no-where (sneaky cops set up right after a detour's turn) and I realized my mistake. 

I wasn't wearing my seat-belt... Still illegal to do that I guess as he pulled me over without a second thought and I was left sheepishly on the right side of the road.

This was a real downer to a good day, I was wearing my super cute 18" hair extensions I had bought the day before.
------------------------> sidenote: if you ever need a pick-me-up of any kind, throw some clip-in hair extensions in, they automatically make you feel like you went
from this 
 to this... 
Ok, maybe not that much but I do love wearing them. 

So the cop came up to my window to chastise me for my unsafe driving habit and by the end, he let me off with a warning and I knew why.

I texted Shawn and let him know that although I did get pulled over for not wearing my seatbelt, the good news was that my new hair extensions have now officially paid for themselves as they played a big part in my getting out of the ticket... I know it.

It's only a matter of time till I get pulled over again tho. You can only go cold turkey from distracted driving for so long. 


  1. Don't tell anyone... but I have also done all of those!... Every single one.. minus the sleeping. It sounds bad but I honestly can't even help it sometimes!!

    and WHERE did you get those pictures from??... or better question. What did you type into google images to get the "before" picture? Little does she know, she is now a blog star ;)

  2. We should start a club... Distracted Drivers Annoyn.
    It'll be a big hit!
    I typed in "Scraggly Hair Girl"... haha... thank-goodness no pictures of me popped up!