Wedding Pictures Take 2

When Shawn and I got engaged last September 4th Shawn wanted to get married right away, in Sept or October while I wanted to wait until July. We decided to compromise and get married December 30th. 

My one condition was that we would take a second round of wedding photos in the summer and Shawn agreed, probably partly agreeing because he never thought I would hold him to it.

Cue end of August when I called in his promise and despite grumbling and groaning he held up his end and I love him so much for being so fantastic while we spent 3 more hours taking photos.

And I LOVE them... 

For any of you who got married in the winter, I highly suggest getting some bridals in the summer. You get a second opportunity to get all dressed up in your dress and try out another hairstyle (my veil went missing on our wedding day so this was my opportunity to wear it). 

The best part of bridals is that you are completely detached from the stress of the wedding day and you get to relax and enjoy dressing up and getting some pictures where you aren't freezing in -30 C weather. 

But if you do choose to get some pictures taken, trust me, go with Photography by Kels... She is awesome!

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