At Least I Saved Money?

I figured before the baby comes I should get my hair cut and I thought I might as well save some money since I just get trims so I went to the Lethbridge Hair School.

Bad move.

On the upside: I did save money, my haircut cost only $8

On the downside: When I asked for MAX an inch off with long soft layers I got 4 inches off with choppy layers, bad choppy layers. It looks unbalanced and BAD and that's after the instructor came and tried to fix it too.

It's not a big deal, my hair grows fast and I am sure my hair will be in a ponytail a lot the next month but still it's always sad to see your hair get butchered and you try and intervene and it just gets worse... Eep. 

On the other upside: at least a lot of my dead ends were eliminated during the sacrifice of my hair length. 

Last time I went to the hair school I came out satisfied but not so much yesterday, but what was I really expecting? They are students, can't blame her too much. She's only half through her schooling. Gotta learn somehow.  

Funny thing is, I was mortified until I saw Shawn and he didn't notice a difference haha
Gotta love guys: me freaking out and he sees no change until I pointed it out but if he can't tell then it can't be so bad since he's the guy I'm trying to look good for. Or maybe it's proof that guys can be very unobservant(:


  1. sad:( You never know if it's gonna be good or not at the hair schools...one tip though, great clips on the west side has a sale on cuts for 6.99, and they have been good for us so far...I think it's a grand opening sale, so who knows how long it'll be for.

  2. You think it'd be hard to mess up a trim... Guess not... (:
    In four months when I get my hair cut again I will have to see if you know anywhere cheap and good..