So this is Being Pregnant....

So after 39 weeks of being pretty darn good, I thought I was free and clear....

Then tonight when I got up off the couch I looked down and saw the fattest feet and cankles. 
Those are not my feet. Those cannot be my feet.
Literally, in an hour my feet went from being my feet to being chubby, cankles with pitting edema. What the?

Add that to the feeling that the baby has dropped (so much more pressure) but him simultaneously hanging out in my diaphragm/ribs and I have started to be somewhat uncomfortable. Can't complain too much eh? 39 weeks was a good stretch.

Shawn doesn't feel too bad for me. He's just excited because he thinks this means the baby is coming soon. 
At a garage sale I found this old metal tonka dump truck
Shawn wanted to buy it for the baby, but I suspect
it's partly for him too ;)
He was rubbing my belly saying "come out baby, come out"... Me, I am still slightly hesitant to say I am ready but feeling better about the idea of him coming. 

Number one reason why I'm feeling better:
Our house is 85% unpacked! 
We bought this table for our basement suite in Saskatoon
and it was perfect for the tiny lil space.
We set it up in our new home and man does it look
funny, it's soooo little for the large amount of space we have.
I loooooove how much space we have!
We were quite efficient on Saturday, thanks to my mum and sister. Tuesday we will set up the baby's room and maybe actually make the official move-in-date Wednesday. Cross your fingers, we just might be ready for this baby to come after all! 


  1. awesome!! call us if you want some help wed. :)

  2. Just a little heads up, when a man buys his son ANY tractor/truck/something that runs on a motor, its ALWAYS more for him than his son. haha. Karson is always bringing home such items saying Brodyn HAD to have it. I suspect different. Especially when I see him right beside Brodyn in the sand box digging with the excavator :)

  3. Glad to see things are coming along better and you are feeling a little less stressed. We are so excited for your little guy to come! Can't wait to see you soon! :)