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So today I am 40 weeks and 3 days pregnant. No baby yet and Shawn is not pleased. I just tell him that the fact that he's late proves that he Is half my kid. It's a lifelong curse, I am always late! Plus i told this poor kid to please, oh please, dont come early that he may just be playing it safe by hanging out in there a few more days. I can wait. Late last night I started having my first Braxton Hicks and they were very mild, just uncomfortable so maybe that's my body finally getting ready for the first time because until now I was so set against him coming until we were in our house. Chandra stopped by this morning with some raspberry leaf tea saying it helps prepare you for labor and can get it kicked off, well, you should have seen Shawn when he came home. It was like a kid on Christmas morning, he brewed me a cup as soon as I would let him and literally stared and harassed me the whole time until I drank it all. I was seriously about to smack him but his excitement is so cute I just not-so-quietly drank my nasty tea. Raspberry leaf tea SOUNDS good but apparently it's all leaf and no raspberry cause man it's nasty and no taste of raspberry at all. But I am really not a tea person so I may be biased. Before Chandra's visit I was quietly enjoying my breakfast on the living room couch when BAM! something was thrown against our big living room window. Startled the begeebers out of my until I saw feathers flying. Yep, a bird komakozied himself straight into our window. The poor lil robin was beyond saving and I felt so bad. When Chandra stopped by she pointed out an old bundle of feathers. Apparently this was not the first time a bird made that mistake. Well bets are being excepted when I will pop. My money is on Friday! Dunno why but it just seems like a good day to me! Whenever he comes we are gonna be so happy to meet him, especially his dad. Xoxo

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