Officially Moved In

Well, it's official.

The boxes that are gonna be unpacked are unpacked. The rest of them are piled in the corner to be carried downstairs tomorrow.

Today was the first FULL day we spent in Taber. We did have a dinner date but we postponed it till tomorrow so we could enjoy our first full day as legit citizens of Taber only 9 months after we bought the house, 7 months after going to church in Taber and 1 day before my due date. Whew. Chelsey isn't quite sure what to do with all the space in her house and fridge now.

But we are finally in our house. It was a great day today.

Much to Shawn's and Chandra's chagrin, no baby came today but not to lack of trying on Shawn's part. He even took me out for spicy chinese food to try and get the ball rolling. No dice.

But after dinner we just had a good evening walk down at the Taber campsite. It's lovely really. The river curves right by the lil coulees and there's a couple trails to kill some time walking around with.

So we hunted for frogs. Perhaps our newborn baby would want one as a pet

Climbed up the coulees

Then Shawn found a fun hobby for the evening
Throwing rocks at the deer down below to scare them off
He said he couldn't wait to have a couple boys to bring them up here and 
throw rocks with them haha

Previously mentioned deer... Wasn't quite so smart, or wasn't 
too scared of flying rocks

A legit smile on Shawn's face for a picture!
A rarity indeed
Just gotta catch him when he's in the middle of scaring deer
by throwing rocks. 

Shawn finding a piece of Arizona here in southern Alberta.
Wee lil cactus. 

I think I am gonna really like Taber.


  1. What a cute little cactus!! lol...congrats on being fully moved in:)

  2. Whew! I sense the stress on the last post has diminished a bit? Taber does look like a great place! I'm excited to see it (and hooray for rocks!)

  3. Yes my stress level has come down ten-fold since last Saturday. Our lil house still has a long way to go but it's feeling like home. We have our spare bedroom all ready for guests!