Dear Job Fairy

I am ready for a job. I curse the ridiculous set-up that Saskatoon has for new job applicants. One size sometimes doesn't fit all. They should take pointers from numerous places that, wisely, have ways for applicants to apply for individual job postings themselves rather than every applicant emailing their resume to one employee who MUST be severely overworked. No wonder she hasn't answered her phone any of the numerous times I have tried calling, she's probably buried under thousands of emails. Poor girl. But I want a job so my empathy is not quite working at full capacity right now.

If you were to look at the last 24 months of my working career, you would never guess that for the previous 5 years I have been quite the workaholic. There was a time where I was working 40 hrs/week during school semesters and then two jobs during the summer. Perhaps I am an occasional workaholic because there has been quite the shortage of work in the last two years thanks to traveling, more traveling, and broken backs. Now, marrying the man of my dreams means leaving my job AGAIN. My poor co-workers must be developing some abandonment issues from my continued departures. I am getting quite good and efficient at farewells now. But I am also growing quite tired of them. I have already settled down with my man, now I am ready to settle down with a job.

I consider myself lucky. Apparently, I have traveled enough sporadically that now that I'm married I am ready to let the traveling part of my life to bed* and settle down to work, if we are talking ideals, in a .79 position on a surgical floor at the Royal University Hospital... I miss work, money, patients, co-workers, benefits plans, and actually leaving the house in this winter wonderland.

But until then, I will just have to enjoy all the free time I have to
eat junk food and watch criminal minds,
organize our new home and just enjoy newlywed life with my hubby.

*for now... at LEAST until summer

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