“A man without a mustache is like a cup of tea without sugar”

Ah date night.
One of the top tips we received when we got married was when you are fighting, fight naked make date night a priority. Never let it get lost amidst all the busyness. So we have been making an effort to include date night each week. Not that watching 'The Amazing Race' doesn't make for a fantastic time, anytime, we decided to branch out and venture outside into the -30 C weather. Not many options are left when everything freezes over but we found our spot. Where do you go when you are game for fun? RUCKERS!! (nice slogan there, ruckers)

Reasons why I didn't play High School basketball
came back to me as Shawn destroyed me

Outrage when Shawn realized he had been suckered, once again, by a game

Forget basketball, THIS was my domain, my kingdom...
Even Shawn had to admit defeat numerous times.
I was a gracious winner... 
 It has been way too long since I had the joy of changing money into tokens and watching my money slip away as we tried to feed Big Bertha, or bonk some dinosaur heads... Such simple joy in bringing out the school-aged competitiveness as we fought for top-place among the dance, dance, revolution world... It is the perfect time to enjoy these games. We are still young/immature enough to enjoy all these games while old enough to actually have money to burn on useless games... but it was worth it plugging coins after coins into the "Wheel of Fortune" game! Man, we are all-stars at that! It is so additing! Go ahead and spin that wheel and see if you can resist a second, third or tenth game. We are seriously considering applying on that show... But only if we can do it as a team? What? You can't? Drat... We would have been amazing.

Wearing our hard-earned new mustaches... 

Helping Tom Selleck bring back the 'stash

Who can resist a tickle of a mustache kiss?

 Our date night didn't end, or begin at Ruckers but rather... it was just the beginning...

Later, we found that
only bring trouble

Mug Shots

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