Making a House* a Home

We are currently on Week 2 of living in our new, cozy* abode. I know I should probably be annoyed or disappointed with how tiny it is, or how there is literally no storage space (if you don't, as you shouldn't, count the corner in the living room where our boxes currently are) but I secretly loved it from the moment we first saw it. Shawn, on the other-hand took awhile to come around to liking it. In fact, his first impression was that the place was "a complete dive; no way are we ever living here". Famous last words because due to;
        -limited time (4 hrs) to view other homes on our mini-trip out to Saskatoon
        -it being the right price which is hard to argue with when a job is still not reality
        -and a fantastic location; uni only 5 minute drive away and more importantly, grocery stores, restaurants, movie theatre and a gym within 10 minutes away... maybe I'll actually go to the gym here!
the lil basement suite on 3rd St E became our new home. Hurrah!

I don't know how the two of us whom have individually been bit of vagrants the last two years have accumulated so much crap belongings in the last lil bit but we had a full trailer as we drove to Saskatoon. We moved in and found ourselves up to our ears in empty boxes as we unpacked. Our poor garbage can didn't know what hit him. We then found out that due to "resource-saving" measures, the garbage is picked up once every TWO weeks... Oh dear!

I am pleased to announce that our kitchen is unpacked and been in full use these last two weeks. True, we don't have a utensil drawer but the utensil tray looks kinda of cute on the counter-top like that. And we are almost completely used to not having two kitchen sinks now by becoming masters of washing, rinsing and draining all in one sink. Okay, maybe we should probably get a kitchen table before our next dinner party, although I still maintain that eating on the couch/living room floor made for a fun time. But besides those few things, we are loving making dinners in our kitchen. 

Our bedroom is coming along quite nicely too. After two weeks of sleeping on the floor (a hazard of basement suites is not being able to fit your box spring down the stairs) Shawn was pleasantly surprised to come home yesterday and find the bed set up, complete with split box springs and all. It didn't collapse when we jumped on it so I figure that I was quite the handyman (I didn't mention to him that it took me an hour an a half to do a job he probably could have done in twenty minutes). Props must be given to the infomercial star product "Wonder Hanger"... Who knew $12 could save so much space in a closet? Or more importantly, who knew infomercial products actually worked??

Our house is gradually turning into a home, and I'm loving it... Every time we poke fun of one of the many quirks our place has, I can't help but think, in ten/twenty years, I will look back and love all the times we had in our first home together.

*tiny, little, with no storage space

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