Crying Over Spilled Milk...

Week 3 of having no job, and way too much time on my hands and I decided to bake some of Shawn's favorite cookies; whoopie pies homemade oreos. I have never made this cookies before so I searched out a good recipe from a trustworthy cookbook (with a picture of course, anyone else think pictures are a must for cookbooks?) and started on them, from scratch.

I have been skeptical of our oven since I first laid eyes on it. The fact that it appears to be from 1956 was my first impression, and the fact that it is almost miniature size and stands awkwardly alone, in the middle of our kitchen, does not endear itself to me. I am pleased to announce that despite its shortcomings, our oven did not explode, and my brand-new stoneware baking sheet fit in and the cookies emerged perfect! I was so excited! They were soft, plump and delicious! I was so proud of myself, and as my cookies cooled, I began on the easy part; the icing. How can anyone go wrong on the icing? I am still not too sure myself, but I did.

Perhaps, I was missing have a job a little more than I thought because ten minutes later Shawn found me in the middle of the kitchen floor crying because the icing was too runny which made the cookies look messy. I split the blame of the waterworks two ways; firstly, my birth control and secondly, I had put way too much importance on baking cookies because when I took the runny icing as a failure, I fell apart... I need a job... haha... To Shawn's everlasting credit, he didn't make fun of his racoon-eyed wife on the floor crying over baked goods. He just hugged me, and ate two cookies.

In the end though, the cookies did turn out quite nicely. The icing just needed to sit. We even whipped some ice cream and sandwiched them between two cookies and a couple days later we enjoyed some homemade ice cream sandwiches. But no matter how good the cookies tasted I will never forget my first time making homemade oreos aka whoopie pies and how I cried over "spilled milk".

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